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Using Book Planner is easy, but we make it even easier to get a jump start on your book plans with our quick and easy User Guide.  No matter if you just need a few pointers or want to get the full tour of Book Planner's features, this online guide is perfect for you.

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About Book Planner

  • q-iconWhat is Book Planner

    Book Planner is a guided online task scheduler geared toward self-published  authors who need to edit, design, produce, and market their own books.  Book Planner operates as a “software as a service” platform that stores your projects and data in the cloud, so you can access them anytime, from almost any internet enabled device. Book Planner works with all HTML5 compatible web browsers.

  • q-iconIs Book Planner Compatible with my PC, Mac, Tablet, or Phone?

    Book Planner is designed to work on any computer or device that has a web browser with an internet connection.  This includes Windows PCs, Macintosh Systems, Linux based Systems, and phones and tablets that run Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Phone.

  • q-iconHow Many Books Projects Can I Create?

    There is no limit to the number of book projects that you can create and use in Book Planner. You can use Book Planner to plan all of your books.

  • q-iconWhat Subscription Options Are There and Can I Cancel my Subscription?

    We offer Book Planner on a monthly or annual subscription plan.  You may cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us. We offer a full money-back guarantee within 10 days of starting your subscription.

Use and Technical Questions

  • q-iconHow many books can I plan in book planner?

    Book Planner does not have a limit to the number of active book projects that you can manage in the system. You can use book planner for all of your books.

  • q-iconCan I reopen a task that I have already completed?

    Yes, you can reopen a task by un-checking the circle next to the task name. 

  • q-iconCan I extend the number of days in a task?

    Yes. Simply click the quill icon next to the number of days remaining to add or remove more time to the task. Adding time to a task will extend the due dates on all tasks down-stream in the process.

  • q-iconDo I have to perform every task on the automatically created plan?

    No, you may check any tasks you do not want to perform as complete, and they will fall off the schedule. This is useful if you are starting a book plan in the middle of production where you have already completed some tasks.

  • q-iconHow do I close the calendar and Gantt views?

    To close a calendar or gantt view, simply click on the button for that view again to close it.

  • q-iconHow do I get my picture to show up on the navigation bar, instead of my initials?

    To replace your initials on the navigation bar, simple simply sign up for a free Gravatar avatar account, using the email address you used to register with Book Planner.

  • q-iconThe text and graphics in the app are too small or large for my screen, can I adjust it?

    Yes.  For desktop and laptop computers, as well as most tablets and phones, you may use your web browser’s build in zoom function to re-size the application’s text and graphics to suite to your needs.  If you are on a phone or tablet, using the application in the landscape orientation can also be helpful.

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