User Guide

Our quick-start user guide is a great way to learn how to use Book Planner so you can get to work and be efficient right from the start. Use the navigation buttons below to skip ahead to a specific section, or read the whole guide in only a few minutes.  And if you do need help, please feel free to view our FAQ or Contact Us and we will be glad to assist. It's that easy.

Main Menu, Use Settings, & Logging Out

The Main Menu

A: Access the main menu by clicking the menu icon, represented by three bars. To close the main menu, click the menu icon a second time.

B: You may use the main menu to open the home screen, access the book plan manager screen, or to quickly access your book individual plans. Just click on the element in the menu to open the item.

User Settings and Logout

A: You may access the user settings and log out of the application by clicking on your initials in the upper right corner of the screen.

The Book Plan Manager

The Book Manager Window

A: To add a new book project plan, click the orange plus icon to launch the book plan creation wizard.

B: You may open an existing book plan by clicking on the name of the plan in the book plan list.

C: You may edit the title of a book plan, or permanently delete it by clicking the orange quill icon to open the book plan options screen.

Creating a New Book Plan

A: Enter a title for your book plan. This is typically the working title of the book. It may be changed later.

B: Choose the pre-configured book plan that meets your needs.  Book Planner includes several engineered book plans to meet a wide range of publishing goals and schedules. You may choose a a complete book plan or a task-specific plan like creating a book cover or having your manuscript edited.

C: When you choose a plan (from B), the details and an approximate time to complete all of the tasks in the plan are displayed.  This is a great way to find a plan that best fits your needs.

D: Select the type of book you plan to publish. Book planner will customize your plan, and schedule, based on the type of book you are publishing.  You may choose from Print, eBook, or both at the same time.

E: Select the date when you would like the book plan to start. If you do not wish to immediately begin work on your book project, you may set a future date and the plan will be paused until that date.

F: After you have selected all of the options for the plan, you may click the "Create Plan" button to generate a new book plan.

Viewing Tasks, Task Schedule, Calendars, & To-Do Checklist

Opening a Book Plan to View its Tasks

A: On the Book Plan Manager screen, click on the title of the book plan to open it.

Tasks and Schedule

A: The Navigation Ribbon (breadcrumb) allows you to quickly move between book plans as well as navigate between the task detail and the master task list and schedule.

B: The Task Schedule column shows you how many days are left to complete each task in the plan, as well as an overview of the total time it will take to complete each Category Section.

C: Each task in the plan is listed in the order that they should be completed in. The current task is highlighted with a white box for easy visibility. To open the task detail, click the task's name.

Calendar and Gantt Views

A: To see the project's calendar and Gantt views, click on the button to activate the view. The calendar view offers a weekly and monthly view that shows every task and how they fit on the calendar with a color-coded bar.  The Gantt view is a high-level representation of the entire book plan project that shows each top-level category and how they interact.

To-Do Checklist

A: At the bottom of every category section you will find the To-Do Checklist. Here you can add follow-up items and notes for each segment of the book plan.

B: To add a new To-Do item, click in the "Type to add a To-Do checklist item" and begin typing. The checklist item will be added to your list.  You may click on the checklist item to open a dialog box to add more notes.  To mark the To-Do Checklist item complete, click on the white circle to add a check mark.

Using Tasks, Task Details, Notes, & Expert Guidance

Opening a Task to View it's Details and Guidance

A: On the Book Plan Task screen, click on the title of the task to open it.

Task Duration & Notes

A: The task duration is displayed with the number of days remaining to complete the task to remain on schedule. Though each task is engineered to have the optimal number of days needed to complete the task, if a delay occurs, you may edit the duration by clicking on the orange quill icon.

B: Keeping detailed notes can be crucial to the success of your book project. Ever task includes a section to keep notes, add links to outside resources, and stay organized.

Expert Guidance and Resources

A: Each task includes expert guidance, written by industry pros, to help you understand exactly what to do at each step.  Many expert guidance segments also include "Additional Resources", clickable links to more in-depth reference material to help you with your needs.

Mark a Task Complete or Return to the Task Schedule

A:  To return to the book plan task schedule, or book plan manager, use the Navigation Ribbon to click to the area you wish to visit.

B: To complete a task, click the white circle to add a check mark and close the task. (If you closed a task by mistake, you may reopen the task by opening the task detail and un-checking the circle.)