Get Reoccurring Commissions with our Awesome Affiliate Program

"Our affiliate program has a generous 50% commission on your initial sale, and a full 30% reoccurring commission that pays with every subscription renewal. It is a great way to help your audience plan their own book projects, while making a profit for promoting this incredible tool."

-Joel Friedlander

Easy and Profitable

  • Get a 50% Commission on the First Subscription Transaction (Monthly and Annual Subscriptions)
  • Get a 30% Commission on Every Reoccurring Subscription Transaction (Monthly and Annual Subscriptions)
  • We Make it Easy to Promote, Just Use Your Affiliate Link to Our Sales Page, and Our Images, Videos, And Swipe Copy
  • We Can Host a Webinar for Your Audience to Both Educate and Promote

Let Us Host a Webinar for Your Audience

We love to teach people about self-publishing and book planning. We also have a knack for telling people how they can use Book Planner to save time and money publishing their book.  From this love we have crafted a quick and highly informative presentation  that will not only educate, but promote Book Planner to your audience, using your affiliate link.

This half-hour presentation is hosted by us, using our own webinar hosting provided by GoToWebinar, so there is no cost to you. Simply contact us to setup a time you would like us to present, and we go to work for you. It's that simple.  Please note that we have a 100-seat minimum audience requirement for a live presentation.

Our Affiliate System is Managed through Zaxaa, Our Shopping Cart.
Simply Signup for a Free Zaxaa Account, Enable PayPal Adaptive Payments,
Get Your Affiliate Encoded Link, and Start Promoting. It's Easy!

Affiliate Sales Tools and Downloadables

Testimonials and Swipe Copy

  • Book Planner Testimonials (Click Here)
    Book Planner Testimonials (Click Here)

    Several quotes from real Book Planner users. These may be used to enhance email pitches or to add a personal touch to articles.

  • Printable Sell-Sheet Handout
    Printable Sell-Sheet Handout

    This 2-page full-color PDF sell sheet is the perfect handout for live events where you want to offer a physical sheet with more information about Book Planner to your audience during your promotion of the application. This works best in conjunction with followup email promotion where you can offer your affiliate embedded link in your promotional materials. This PDF is made to be printed in full-color, full-bleed, on a duplex capable printer for a double-sided single-sheet of paper.

  • Book Planner General Press Release
    Book Planner General Press Release

    Here is a general press release that you can use to generate content for articles or promotions.

  • Post-Webinar Email Swipe Copy
    Post-Webinar Email Swipe Copy

    To make promoting Book Planner easier, we have created a four-day, five-email program of swipe copy that you can use to email your audience or mailing list after a webinar event. Included are three daily emails with placeholder text for your special offer and affiliate link, as well as two emails for the final day of the promotion to help drive sales home.

Download Images

This download includes several useful images that can be used to promote Book Planner to your audience and clients.  We include a selection of Book Planner logo images that are useful for email headers as well as article introduction artwork.  The pack includes several banner advertisements in the most popular sizes for easy addition to your web page or email. We also include high resolution copies of the Book Planner logo, with transparent backgrounds, so you can create your own artwork to fit your promotional needs.   Simply insert the images where you need them and use your affiliate link to our website to make a sharp, high-conversion presentation.

Embed Our Video

Embed the Video on your
Webpage or Email

Or Link to the Video on Youtube

Video is a high-conversion tool that helps create a solid case for purchasing a product or service.  The Book Planner introduction video is a short, 1:17 overview of the application and a few of it's key features.  Taken alone, or as part of a broader presentation on your webpage or email, it helps customer see that Book Planner is a must-have tool in their self-publishing arsenal.