It's Like Having a Publishing Pro Organizing and Directing Your Book's Publication

A Book Project Manager with Expert Guidance
Made for Self-Published Authors

Once you finish your first draft and start to think about publishing your book, you can quickly fall into the dreaded analysis paralysis, unable to move forward because you don't know what to do first, when to do it, or how to keep track of all the things you need to do.

Book Planner liberates you from the paralysis. With Book Planner you know every step in the self-publishing process from editing to design to production, right up to your book launch.

Book Planner tells you exactly what to do at each step, with its built-in and detailed expert knowledge on the entire publishing process. You'll know how much time to budget for each task, where to get the resources and help you'll need, making it easy to see your path through a jungle of detail.

Even better, Book Planner creates a detailed customized action plan for the whole process, allowing you to stay on track during the weeks and months it takes to get your book ready to publish.

It doesn't matter whether you're an author who publishes direct to eBooks, or if you've got a globally distributed print-on-demand paperback, Book Planner will get you organized. It's like having your own personal publishing pro to guide you.

And you don't need to be starting from the very beginning, either. If you're part way through the preparation of your book, you can use Book Planner to help you schedule and manage any part of the process.

Whether you're a newbie or an experienced author, Book Planner has you covered. Why? Because we've distilled over 35 years of experience in book publishing into this simple and easy-to-use tool.

"Book Planner is an amazing tool for self-publishing authors, giving both beginning and experienced authors excellent support as they go through the publishing process."

— Ruth Schwartz,

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Why Book Planner?

  • 1

    Expert Guidance

    Each task in Book Planner includes detailed expert guidance so you know exactly what to do, how long it will take, where to get resources, and how to save time and money doing it. Crafted by self-publishing pros, these comprehensive instructions are written to be easy to understand and simple to follow so you can focus on the task at hand.

  • 2

    Automated Plan Builder

    Book Planner uses your input to build a complete task list customized for your schedule. All you do is pick the pre-built plan that best fits your needs, and Book Planner will automatically create a real-world schedule complete with all of the tasks that will fit into the time you have available.

  • 3

    Everywhere You Need It

    Book Planner is a web-enabled application that looks beautiful on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone. Use it anywhere you have a web browser—at your desk, or on the go, from all of your devices, making it even easier to stay on track.

  • 4

    Easy to Use

    Making your book project quick and easy to manage is a top priority. Hey, book publishing should be fun, not an exercise is stressing you out. Your task list and calendar are up-front so you know exactly what you need to do and how long you have to get it done. We're authors too, so we've made task and time management as simple as possible to get the job done.

  • 5

    Customizable Book Project Manager

    Create and manage book production projects for all of your books. Easily plan and schedule every aspect of getting your book ready for retail from the moment you finish writing it through your book launch. You'll find tasks for everything from pre-production to editing, interior design, cover design, and beyond.

We've Written Over a Million Words on Self-Publishing,
But Now You Don't Have to Read Them

We've written several best-selling books on self-publishing and over 1,000 blog posts too. We love helping authors, relying on our 35+ years of experience in everything from book design and layout, to print-on-demand and book launches. Helping authors “do it right” the first time, every time, is the reason we created Book Planner.

Every Book Planner task is chock full of expert advice, tips, and time- and money-saving instruction on what to do, how to do it, and where to get what you need. Book Planner has all the information that a book on self-publishing has, but broken up into easy-to-understand components that are there for you only when you need them. How does this help you?

No more outdated self-publishing books to read, because Book Planner is a living system with frequently updated industry info.

  • Easy to understand language means that everyone from grad students to grandmas can profit from our guidance, making self-publishing easier than ever, for everyone.
  • Book Planner gives you several levels of detail to suit your needs, from basic task descriptions to complete professional advice with extended references and links to the resources you'll need. Dive in as deep as you want.

"As President of Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, I work with authors all the time. Some of the challenges our members face are knowing what to do next, staying on track, and keeping it all organized. Book Planner lifts that burden and streamlines what can otherwise feel like a scattered and overwhelming process."

—Becky Parker Geist, President of BAIPA

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Automatically Plan Your Entire Book Publishing Process

We're authors too, and we've helped hundreds of authors through the publishing process. We know the rush you get when you finish your first draft. And we also know all the questions that spring up, too: "What do I do now? When do I have to do it?" Book publishing can be fun and efficient, when you eliminate the confusion.

The power of Book Planner for both first-time authors and seasoned publishing veterans, is in building a customized book plan to meet your schedule and your specific project. Just pick from our list of book plans based on the time you have to complete your project.

Book Planner will automatically generate a workable and realistic schedule that will show you exactly what you can accomplish within the time you have available. It's that easy.

Or Just the Parts You Need

Sometimes you just need to know what to do for a specific part of the book production process. For instance, you might need some guidance on getting your cover created, or maybe you need help finding and scheduling editors. Book Planner comes with pre-configured plans for a number of á la carte categories.

  • Cover Design for Print and eBook: Select the right cover designer for your budget, get mock-ups and concepts, make adjustments, and receive the master artwork.
  • Interior Design and Layout for Print and eBook: Find the right designer, select the design that matches your book, get professional layout and proof.
  • Copyediting and Developmental Editing: All the steps you need to make sure your book is edited properly.
  • Print and eBook Upload and Vendor Setup: Guidance and scheduled tasks for each step for both print and eBook upload and proofing.

With Book Planner, you're in control because you can also add your own tasks to your to-do list, giving you amazing customization of your book plan.

"Every author should have Book Planner on hand. Even experienced authors will benefit from having all the steps laid out in an easy-to-use checklist."

—Kate Tilton, Kate Tilton's AuthorServices, LLC

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All the Steps You Need are in Our Pre-Configured Tasks

Book Planner has over fifty comprehensive tasks, pre-configured for the wide range of actions it takes to bring a book to market. Each task includes expert guidance and resource links, where needed.

And you don’t have to worry about scheduling because Book Planner makes sure tasks are presented in the right order to begin with—there’s no guessing at all.

Real-world timeframes are built into every task, making it your book plan flexible and easy to set up. It’s like having a publishing pro scheduling and directing your book projects. Isn't that awesome?

  • Prerequisite Tasks

    Getting your book ready, acquiring ISBNs, selecting your pen name, even getting your copyright page ready. Book Planner keeps it all organized for you.

  • Editorial Tasks

    Whether you edit your book yourself or hire a developmental editor to help you get the story right, Book Planner schedules these important tasks and points you to the right resource to get the job done.

  • Cover Design Tasks

    Your cover is the face your book presents to the world. We help you plan out the entire design process, including what to look for in a cover designer, so you can find the right resource and budget the right amount of time.

  • Interior Design & Layout Tasks

    Crafting a book that looks beautiful and reads well is a top priority. The process of changing your manuscript into a print-ready book can be daunting, but we guide you to get the job completed professionally.

  • Print & eBook Production and Distribution Tasks

    Getting ready for print, or eBook can make even the most seasoned book designers pull out their hair. With Book Planner you’ll know which distributors and vendors are out there to support your needs, what format to get the files in, or even what needs to go where. We turn madness into manageable.

  • Post Production and Pre-LaunchTasks

    Your book is in print and you’re about to become a published author. Now you need to get the book into the hands of reviewers, make launch announcements, and get your marketing in gear. Book Planner gives you clear tasks for the start of this process, so you can take those important first steps.

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